What a better day to celebrate and rejuvenate oneself than on April 1st, the beginning of a new month?  Spring should be just around the corner, little green things should be shooting up from the ground.  But Nature is having a laugh at us, playing  an April Fool trick.  The sky is grey.  The ground cold, frozen and hard as a scorned woman’s heart.  This is more reason to kick up one’s feet, raise some dust and maybe hell and shout:  I AM ALIVE.  CELEBRATE!

I can do it.  I can be committed.  I can be joyful and fun.  I can still carry on.  I can still do the cheerleader thing…hip, hip, hipooray!  I can!  I can!  I can do The Ultimate Blog Challenge.  Today is the first day of re-challenging myself – again.  So what, if I stumble and fall again?  I can get up and dust myself off and start again.  Never give up!





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