Though it is a month before Lent, it is no surprise nor an accident that I find myself in the desert.  I am once again lost in the wilderness, wandering up the lonesome road, trying to find my way, looking for my words.

I have lost my words these last while.  They have disappeared from my fingertips.  It is a struggle to recover and grasp them again.  It is not a bad thing to feel the silence and the stillness.  It is not a bad thing to sit, wait and to listen to the quiet.

There is time.  No need to rush.  No need to despair.  I have 30 days in the desert.  There is time to breathe, exhale, count my heartbeats and march to my own drum.  There is time to live,  love and gather the sacred sage.

9 thoughts on “30 DAYS IN THE DESERT

  1. Yes, yes, yes, Lily. I so much respect the impulse to be silent and agree that germination is going on. Stay hydrated out there! Peace, John

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