It is day 14 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I’m living up to my slogan of getting up, dressing up and showing up. I have no business to promote or products to sell. I’ve had my dreams of being an entrepreneur, have you? Let me tell you about them. You’ve heard the one about being a writer. I guess I am one since I’m here tapping out the words. It hasn’t earned any pennies except the ones in my heart. Way back in time, I did invest quite a few pennies trying to sell Mary Kay products. Someone threw me a hook and I bit. I learned the hard and expensive way that I’m not a salesman and I hate selling. I also learned that I’m easily inspired and I’m a good catch. I lost $1500 in the venture.

I did gained in experience and knowledge about people and myself. I was valuable when I was being wooed into buying into the scheme. I had potential. A nurse had a good salary and lots of contacts. I can still see and hear the possibilities clicking in my area manager’s head – a second pink cadillac. But once in, the wooing abruptly stopped. They had little time to help me in establishing my business. They weren’t all like that. Another ‘consultant’ tried to take me under her wings. She was already a success as a Mary Kay consultant and fashion buyer for one of the department stores. Her husband had a small business in town. They were very generous in their help. I gave it a good try. I even took a Dale Carnegie Course to boost my confidence. But when selling tastes like taking medicine, I cut my losses and quit.

I could have tried returning the products but I didn’t. I should have only invested in $750 of inventory but the manager said you have to have the merchandise if you want to sell. That is true but not that much when I knew nothing about the business of selling. I ended up giving away what I could. I found out the people willing to accept them free had been reluctant in hosting parties to help me sell. I had a lot left – makeup for blondes, brunettes and black heads. They were a sore sight reminding me of my huge failure, I chuck them in the dumpster after quite a few years. I am a tenacious hanger on.

You think I would have learned my lesson. But I did tried another venture. It didn’t cost me much except in disappointment. I tried to have a plant sale. My bedding plants were beautiful, healthy and CHEAP. It was not that I failed miserably but that I was not supported. Only a few people came but not the ones who called me for their sales. Not the woman who had offered her husband to pick me up for her jewelry party. I had also spent $200 buying essential oils from her. The friends who valued my plants and friendship came and bought. They’re the ones that mattered. Now I only feel disappointed in my head but not my heart. I feel somewhat petty talking about it and that it still resides in me.


  1. I found myself nodding my head in agreement as I read your post. I am nowhere near a good salesperson too.. and I recall trying to setup a lending library when I was but a teen; I ended up losing many of my precious treasured books for a few pence (the borrowing fees)… Even as an adult, I have seen proof of it in smaller projects (minimal investment) and like you, it is the friends who end up supporting so my heart is safe and my head – at least, I am now smarter and will stay away from trying to sell 🙂

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