I’m enjoying puttering around the house on this cold day in Saskatchewan. We had a -1℃ last night. We have a few more ahead before it’s over. But our passive solar greenhouse is doing fabulously. It was 19.5℃ while only 2℃ outside a couple of hours ago. Now it has dropped to 17.3℃. It has been cloudy all day. I am learning to ground myself in household duties instead of crying the woes.

It was soothing to sew my quilt block this morning by the fireplace. I feel the warm of the fire. There is comfort in touching the fabric. I see the different colours and patterns. I hear the whir of my Bernina as it stitch the seam. I look up and I see my daffodils and tulips out the window. The cat is beseeching me to put in a geranium in its pot. Soon, kitty, soon.

It feels good to be in the moment, not to be scattered and distracted every which way. I’m learning to ground myself in the present moment, sewing in silence. I’m not listening to the radio, to the voices of happenings over which I have no control. I did listen to a couple of short video clips from Therapy in a Nutshell on grounding and other mental health tips. I’m a self-help addict and I’m always opened to learning how to make things better and easier for myself.

Today is a good day, despite the cold and the grey sky. I almost lost this post just now. I better quit while I’m still ahead for this 20th day of the Ultimate Blog Challenge.


  1. I’m usually not interested in quilting but yours caught my eye. It’s like a whole year with all four seasons, cold winter in one corner, then warming up in spring and continues to warm summer and chill fall to complete the circle. It’s very beautiful..

    1. Thank you, Kitty. It feels like we are having 4 seasons in a week here! I am not a conventional quilter. I have actually just made one quilt ever. I took a quilting class a long time ago and did a quilt sampler. I’m doing the 100daychallenge on Instagram. My project is to make 100 quilt blocks. I have a huge stash of fabrics collected/hoard over the years. So thought it was a good way of making use of them.

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