Some Things You Have to Let Go of

I’ve just done a whirlwind harvest. I’m whopped! I resent not being an Energizer Bunny. I want to go on and on. Alas, I can only go on and then I’m out of huff. That’s how I am. I have to let go of what I can’t do and do the things I can.

This morning the low pressure tire light came on in the car enroute to my exercise class. I pulled over and had a look to see that I’m not driving with a flat. I’ve done that before. All good but it still nagged at me. It would be an easy thing to stop at a tire shop on the way home. They do it for free. I’ve done it before. But it felt difficult. I didn’t want to do it though I tried to tell myself it would be good for me. But my other self said how is that good for me? I don’t have to challenge myself on stupid things. Let the guy do it. It’s a guy thing. It would make him feel good. That won me over. Now I’m convinced that I make life harder than it need be too often. I should relax a little more and more often.

My plan had been to return some library books on the way home this morning. But I didn’t want to drive too much on low tires. The tires are pumped up now but I’m not. I had talked myself into doing the harvest first and then do the library. But now I’m too tired. It’s cold and windy out. I hustled my butt pulling and cutting veggies. I’m talking to myself again. The books can wait another day. There’s no fines because of Covid. There’s lots of traffic this time of the day. My fatigue could cause me to be careless.

My other self didn’t argue with me. So here I sit, sipping my cuppa and tapping for the 14th day of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. It’s good to talk it out, assesse the situation to see if the doing needs doing. Sometimes the not doing is the better choice. Sometimes I get twisted about the stupidest things. Tell me you do, too. Please!


  1. Yes! I’d agree whole heartedly with your point that sometimes “ the not doing is the better choice.” If it can be done at a better time, why not let it wait? Sure, there are things that make a difference in the world, but we need to leave other thing undone to make time for the things that matter!

  2. Your harvest looks lovely. I meant to dig up some sweet potatoes today, but it didn’t happen. I did get some watering done since the summer rain showers that Florida gets are now into the autumn dry, dry, wet, dry, dry, pattern.

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