I’ve finally got Taking Charge of Adult ADHD by Russell A. Barkley from the library yesterday. I was eager to dive into it this morning but my mind would not let me. I feel aggitated and distracted. I have this urge to skip this, that and jump ahead. Obviously this is not a good time. I have to lay it aside when my mind is more quiet and receptive. This time is better suited for following up on my to-do list.

  • Giving a full feedback on Minna’s post on Suddenly Mad.
  • Activating my new Costco credit card.
  • Filing the papers from Sheba’s vet visit yesterday. I was happy to see that she had lost a kg. of weight from last year. I had thought she had gained.
  • Starting this post.
  • Introducing brushing her teeth to Sheba. She has some gingivitis. It would save expensive vet bill and her teeth. I put some peanut butter on my finger and let her lick it. Then I start putting my finger into her mouth and feeling her gums. All successful. Then I wrapped we gauze on my finger and put peanut butter on the gauze. She balked at first but the peanut butter won her over. I was able to rub my gauzed finger on her gums for a few seconds. Enough for first day.

Well, it is the end of day, a day devoted to the physical and practical. Nothing at all creative or spiritual. They were hard to do, want to procrastinate and avoid kind of chores. The biggest was getting Sheba washed, buffed and smelling like a rose. It was not easy. It was not hard. It was what it was, the wetting, soaping, rinsing and shaking all over.  Then there was the cleanup after. That was the nastiest. But I’ve got it down to a science. It was much easier than the previous time. AND she is looking like a queen, smelling like rose.


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