This is definitely not my best time of day! I am not feeling fresh or friendly. I’ve declared February as the feel good month, of cosying up to the hearth, drinking hot chocolate and darning socks. It is what I am aiming for. So far I’m feeling a bit frustrated. I am set to darn my Linda Lundstrom parka. The old zipper is removed. A new one bought. I’ve just returned with right colour thread and material to reinforced the lower worn corner. I turn on my Bernina, ready to tackle threading the top and the bobbin. I find that the thread I bought is heavy, meant for top stitching. And I don’t have the right needle. Darn! Have to go back to the store – maybe tomorrow.

I suppose it’s not a bad thing. It slows me down. I have a tendency to rush at things, not taking care of doing a proper job. I was almost tempted to use use the all purpose black thread. But it would really stand out against all the purple. It is a nice coat so I refrained. Instead I took the time to read about what had happened to Linda Lundstrom. She seemed to have disappeared from the Canadian fashion scene. Interesting to learn that she had gone bankrupt and ended living in a cabin in the woods and working out of a shed. The article (dated 2014) said she is making a comeback. Further google search turned up that she has a new Nordic-inspired luxury outerwear line, Therma Kōta, created with her two daughters. Fortunes made, lost and made again. A nice story for the hearth.

Tomorrow I will shop for proper thread again. I’m re-training my brain to work in sequential steps. I feel dyslexic sometimes, unable to focus and follow the proper order of things. If there are 3 steps, I go from 1 directly to 3, bypassing 2. When it doesn’t pan out, I would have to back track. My brain seems irritated by more than 2 items. It gets all aggitated and haywire. That is why I can never follow verbal directions. After the first 2 turns, my brain can’t follow anything. I will probably have to do much deep breathing and practicing at not jumping the gun and corners. Well, a cold February is a good time for the practice of mending my ways.


  1. Oh boy, that was a good one Lily!!! We are so alike it’s bizarre😉. I just started working on a new blog and it’s about process, steps we take or not…. When painting! I disclose a bit about myself and difficulties I had in my much younger years with learning. It will be right up your alley if I get it done!!! Been painting a lot, kinda in a manic phase🙋 Have a nice weekend and happy sewing, always wanted to learn but had no confidence and figured I’d never be able to follow a pattern!

    1. Hi Terry. We are more alike than you know! Our birthdays are a day apart. I’m not a birthday girl so low profile. 🙂 Anyhow not much progress except a bit frustrated with sewing. New machine much to learn. It had a malfunction and said there there was no help. I did fix it, taking apart what I was afraid to before. Now too tired. Tomorrow is another day. You’re doing great with your painting. I’m doing just my index cards. Easy to manage for now.


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