IMG_6102Here I sit at the end of the day, trying to tap out my few words.  It is dark already and I don’t know what to say.  Maybe Mr. Moon can shine his light and guide me.

Some days/nights are like this. You have to take them as they come.  Acceptance is the word.  It is something I still/will always have to work at.  It is not a bad thing.  It means I am trying – trying to do better but not perfect.

mirrored babies
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I sound like I’m making excuses.  Maybe I am.  I am comforting myself.  You have to do that once in awhile.  You know your tender spots the best.  Go ahead.  Tend to your wounds.  Dress them with tender loving kindness.  Smile upon yourself for you are the child in everyone.  When I see you, I recognize myself.  So I am sure when you see me, you recognize yourself.

We see ourselves reflected back in each other’s eyes.  Perhaps if we look long enough, we can have a conversation and speak from our hearts instead of our minds.  Who knows, we might surprise ourselves and become friends.  What would we do then?

4 thoughts on “REFLECTIONS

  1. I love how you came up with a story based on just writing how things were for you rather than me attempting to force words on a page which I do not like to do. I find it amusing that I too wrote about the moon. And what you say about reflection reminds me of an inspired poem I wrote. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    1. Thanks for reading, Elly! Quite often I haven’t no idea of what I’m going to write. Even when I do, sometimes I end up writing something totally different. I’m going to check out your stuff.


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